1) Register for your Free Account

2) Purchase a Business Package

3) Commit to yourself to acquire 1 gram of gold per week for 12 weeks

4) Find 2 who will do the same (duplicate each week)


The 12 Week Strategy is a system created by affiliates. We kept getting asked over and over how do we get paid and what were the earnings potential with Karatbars. We shared the pdf of our payplan, but people still wanted instructions on how the best way to proceed would be. The 12 Week Plan was created by a group of affiliates to help other like minded individuals who wanted to become financially free. We created a simple set of tasks to complete in order to accelerate higher incomes.

From our corporate office, our pay plan has no restrictions or requirements. Affiliates took the Dual System pay plan and created a system to help others accelerate their earnings by following each simple task. The plan is its basic elements are as follows:

1 – Register for free account – …
2 – Opt into the Dual Team (acquire a business package)…
3 – Pay Yourself First ( acquire a minimum of 1 gram per week into your own savings account)……
4 – Find 2 people in week one who will repeat the same.

Factors to consider:

1) We know everyone will not find their 2 people within the first 7 days, however, we also know that many will find much more than their 2 which helps to compensate for those who do not. You can literally turn the 12 week plan into a 4 week plan, 20 week plan or even a 12 month plan. It is really up to you and how determined you and your team are. It is always advisable not to look for just any 2 people that can fog a mirror. Find 2 people who are willing to focus and commit to the plan. Some will need to find more than 2 individuals before they find their magic 2 who are willing to commit 100% to the plan.

2) The numbers we show in the 12 week Plan is that everyone comes in at the Bronze level and stays there. This is not possible, no one wants to leave money on the table when there is no extra effort required. The numbers show that you are the only one who chooses to upgrade your Dual Team Business package. The Bronze package pays 8 times less than the VIP package. The volume, transactions and referrals are all the same. We have very few who choose the Bronze entry level and those who do, do not stay at this package level. The majority will begin with a Silver or Gold package and as they earn commissions they can simply upgrade to the VIP package.

3) We also know that not everyone is financially sound to where they can acquire a gram per week but can and will commit 110% to the plan in other areas. We understand there are those who are living on a fixed income and there is very little left at the end of the month to even eat on. I think it is far greater to give up a few indulgences each week and practice what I preach than to sit back and make excuses for not creating my very own savings plan to protect my future. Regardless of where someone is financially this should be their number one goal with Karatbars and that is to acquire real wealth in the form of gold. Counter to that, there are others who take their earning from the Dual Team and they convert their commissions back into gold. We feel the first and foremost message from Karatbars should be the importance of acquiring gold and creating a savings plan that is yours alone to hedge against inflation, the devaluation of the dollar or other fiat currencies around the world and to create generational wealth.

The 12 Week Stategy is simple road map to follow. We do not guarantee earnings due to the fact we can not guarantee your efforts and the efforts of those you refer. The 12 Week Strategy is an affiliate based system, NOT a requirement from the company. Those who choose to join with others to complete the 12 Week Strategy are on a personal mission. They choose to make a personal commitment to their sponsor and their self to focus on and work the plan for 12 weeks. If something happens along the way, there is no one who will slap your hand or cause you to lose your position. The worst case scenario is it may take longer than 12 weeks to complete than you hoped.

Those who choose to participate in the 12 Week Strategy include a group of like minded people who want to be part of a system which lifts others up and helps them to stay focused, on track and held accountable. The system has been very successful for many people. The more people who are successful in the 12 week plan, the more commissions are paid out to the field. The entire system is built around the principle of the movement of money and the velocity in which that money moves.

In a nutshell, the 12 Week Strategy focuses on Team Work and personal commitment. The 12 Week Strategy inspires us to help others achieve their goals as well as our own. The 12 Week Strategy gives us the road map to lift others up and in turn we become leaders with purpose.

Quote: “If you can help enough of people get what they want, then what you want will follow” – Zig Ziglar)